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Aimee Beaulieu Transition House

Aimee Beaulieu Transition House opened its doors in May 1995. The House is dedicated to the memory of Aimee Beaulieu and her twins, Samantha and David, who were killed in 1992; their murders remain unsolved.

Welcome to ABTH

Aimee Beaulieu Transition House is an emergency shelter for physically, emotionally and/or sexually abused women and their children. The staff supports women and children who are at risk of violence or have experienced violence, by providing access to safe, secure and confidential services which include information and supports for decision-making, short-term shelter, referrals to other services and links to affordable housing.

The Transition House is a home-like environment with four bedrooms (eight beds). On occasion women may be asked to share a room with another woman. The Shelter operates like a house, everyone pitches in with chores and meals.

The Transition House location is kept confidential for reasons of safety and security.