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Our Mission

The Nelson Community Services Centre (NCSC) assists people to define the issues affecting them and to determine their own resolutions in recognition of the fact that all individuals and families at some time experience difficulty in their lives.

Further, the NCSC maintains program flexibility to allow us to respond, in cooperation with government and other organizations, to the changing needs in our community.

We value

  • Each person's right to be heard, to be safe, to have information, to make choices and to take control of one's life.
  • Accessible, free programs and services.
  • Ethical service delivery.
  • Non-discrimination.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Teamwork.
  • Being connected to our community and grass roots.
  • All components of a healthy community.
  • Professionalism in our work.
  • Respect for each other and our skills, experiences

Internet safety

Before you go any further, if you believe that you're at risk of abuse (or even worried that you may be at risk), the NCSC wants you to be aware that every web page you visit is recorded by your web browser.

If this concerns you, please take a moment to learn how to cover your tracks.

If you're worried that these precautions may still not be enough, please try to visit this site using a PC somewhere safer - like the public library.

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Contract Position: Youth Outreach Worker

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"Nelson @ its Best"

Nelson is a great place to live but it could be better. 

Poverty hurts everyone's health and well-being.

Help make Nelson the best place it can be.

Media Release:

Join in the Conversation for a Healthy, Poverty-Free Nelson!

(March 19, 2015) Nelson - Nelson is a great place, but for some, it's an expensive place to live. Poverty forces some residents of Nelson to make hard choices -- between rent and medicine, food and transportation, childcare and employment opportunities; between moving towards a self-sufficient future or just getting through the day. Thirteen diverse Nelson organizations have undertaken a multi-year process of working together to do something about that.  Envisioning "Nelson at its Best", the organizations have started a community conversation about how to address poverty in our city. "Many of the systemic issues of economic and social hardship are out of our direct control but there are some things we can do together as a community, and this project will do just that--find local solutions" says Jenny Robinson, a project committee member and Board Member of the Nelson Social Planning Action Network (SPAN) Society.

Poverty is a complex issue that affects everyone in the community. Being poor can lead to feeling isolated and excluded, as it limits opportunities to participate in community life.  It can mean living in substandard conditions and feeling stressed.  Poverty erodes people's spirits, and can lead to physical and mental illness.

According to project committee member Tom Thomson, Executive Director of the Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce, "Poverty affects everyone's health and well-being, and when people don't have enough for the basics in life, community life and business life suffer, too."

The group wants to involve as many people as possible to come up with solutions to reducing poverty in Nelson. We are starting this process with a broad community conversation.  Everyone needs to be engaged in the solutions for making Nelson the best place it can be.

Local residents are invited to participate in the community conversations. People will be asked to provide their thoughts and ideas on a few simple questions:

  1. What are our community's strengths?
  2. What would our community look and feel like, healthy and free of poverty?
  3. What are the most important issues to be addressed so we can reach our vision of a healthy, poverty-free community?

Responses can be submitted in words, pictures, drawings, video - even song. Conversations are being hosted by Nelson at its Best committee members, community organizations, interested residents, school groups and businesses.  There will also be a Public Conversation on Wednesday, April 15th from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the Vienna Cafe. Everyone is welcome!

Help make Nelson the best place it can be. Join in the community conversation!

Details at: 

or contact Helen Lutz: 250-354-7509, email: 




Job Openings:  

If you are interested in a casual position at the Aimee Beaulieu Transition House, please submit a resume as openings do occur from time to time.



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